Mining Master 2.0
(GGC Matrix)
Operating Instructions

Mining Master 2.0 (GGC Matrix) is an ARM smart phone mining system developed by Global Game Chain (hereinafter referred to as “GGC”), which uses aggregation algorithm technology to simultaneously mine GGC and BTC.

Mining Master 2.0 enjoys the characteristics of simple installation, easy operation, stable performance, low energy consumption, high yield, etc.

The operating instructions for the Mining Master 2.0 are as follows:0

Prepare a mining mobile phone ——> download and install Mining Master 2.0 (GGC Matrix) ——> create an account via mobile phone (login directly with an existing account) ——> exchange mining machine or mining pool ——> mining machine joins the mining pool ——> Start mining

In terms of mobile phone mining, what are the requirements for mobile phones?

System requirements: Android system 6.0 (7.0 recommended) or above

Network requirements:byte transmission, no large flow requirements, continuous stability is required.

Important note: the mobile phone should keep the mining program running during the mining course.

Option 1: Open the WeChat official account of the GGC, select “install the Microchain Matrix”, and click the link to download and install the App.

Option 2: Visit the official website to to download the Microchain Matrix.

Exchange mining machine or mining pool of the Mining Master 2.0

Login to the GGC Matrix ——> Enter the card key to the mining machine or mining pool for exchange ——> Complete exchange

(1) For users without their own mining pool

Click the mining machine you exchanged → I want to join the mining pool → enter the mining pool invitation code and send the relevant message → wait for the mining pool to be approved (please consult the marketing staff for the mining pool invitation code)

(1)Users who have exchange the mining pool can directly join their own mining pool

Mining machine → I want to join the mining pool → enter my own mining pool invitation code and send → click the mining pool administrator to approve .

Click your mining machine ——> open the mining pool you joined ——> open the mining machine ——> click START → start mining (keep the mining interface running all the time)


1. During the mining course, it needs to keep the mining interface running, so after other operations, please be remembered to return to the mining interface and continue to run mining.

2. Users can view / transfer their mining income in the "microchain matrix" mining machine / mining pool → mine.

3. Cannot join other mining pools after joining the mining pool.

After starting mining, you only need to ensure that the mobile phone network is smooth and the mobile phone has sufficient power, which will allow sustainable output.